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The Ketogenic Diet


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Protein fattening, a hefty amount of uric acid and as much sausage and cheese as you would like? The ketogenic diet and other low carb variants sometimes have a reputation for having negative long-term effects upon your health. But that need not be the case. On the contrary: with a well thought-out choice of food and composition of meals, the ketogenic diet provides verifiable health benefits. On the following pages you will learn how the ketogenic diet really works and how you can avoid having a poor diet.

Note regarding this website:

All the information on this website represents the author's current state of knowledge on the subject and has been carefully checked before publishing. However, medical advice cannot be given. You must raise any medical issues related to changes in your diet with your doctor. Where certain metabolic disorders are concerned you may possibly not be able to use the type of diet described on this website.

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